Welcome to the AI powered age of data accessibility

Tapping into the wealth of data available used to be hard work, often making it too expensive or too cumbersome to access.

Our mission is to contribute to fact-based and sustainable decision making by transforming inaccessible data into knowledge. We make data accessible where it currently isn't.

Our mission

A more transparent world through data accessibility

There has been a lot of buzz around AI these days. It is our mission to close the gap between your data and where you actually need it for your decisions. No coding. No IT staff. No time to lose. Discover feld.ai today! feld.ai combines state of the art AI with human experience to transform unstructured data into structured information.

Less samples, more results

feld.ai learns quickly to produce excellent results. Label just a couple of sample documents and then start automation.

Human and the AI - the dynamic duo

feld.ai is anything but a mysterious black box. Human and AI collaborate and interact in a friendly and comprehensive environment.

Made in Europe with đź’ś

feld.ai is designed in Europe, with a built-in understanding and respect for today's data protection laws.

It speaks your language

Support for non-English European languages comes naturally. It's crucial for understanding the documents you have to deal with in your corporate language.

Open platform

feld.ai is designed for collaboration and ease of integration. Its power can be accessed via the App, Cloud API services or in Excel.

Your intellectual property

Many AI service providers keep the IP of processed data. We don’t. Small argument, big impact.

How it works

01Data collection

It starts with a lot of files

The overall process of feld.ai is based on the concept of gathering structured information out of heterogeneous input data. So, just drop what you have.

No conversion needed

Word, Excel, CSV, images and PDF and more formats are welcome.

Batch mode

Import piles of documents to avoid repetetive tasks and idle time.

Live process support

Use feld.ai's capabilities to improve productivity, lower costs and become more data driven at the same time. Make use of your data!

Step 1


You lead, our AI follows

Based on a couple of samples and your requirements, AI-based automation starts. You don’t need to program, our models learn by imitating what you do.


First, you filter out what’s important - and what’s not.

Entity extraction

You show the system what you want to fetch out of your documents.

Complex documents welcome

Our AI can deal with tables, flow text, and any mix of those.

Step 2


Nobody’s perfect

The models need to adapt with a world in fast-paced change. As you will verify and correct extracted data to ensure quality, you will also teach the model to adapt.


Every data point extracted is transparently traced to its source.

Human in the loop

We don’t aim to replace us humans – rather, AI is meant to assist us best.

Continuous improvement

Any corrections that you make during validation will improve future models.

Step 3


There’s room for improvement

Once the raw data is available, intelligent processing helps a lot.


There might be lots of mentions of similar events in your documents. We help you identify which ones are unique.

Classifying and mapping

feld.ai makes the extracted data speak the language of your organization.

Linking with public data sources

If you collaborate with listed companies, you can link your extracted data to extracts from annual reports like turnovers.

Step 4


It needs to work for you

We know that integration is a major pain and cost factor. We commit to ease integration into existing processes and systems to the possible extent.

Via the App

You can inspect, see and correct data in the feld.ai online app.

Via Files

What you require can be downloaded for convenience, e.g. in Excel format.

Deep System integration

Of course, smooth API integration such that only your own systems are visible to your users is possible.

Step 5

Call for partners

Test drive feld.ai now and join our partner program.

Meet the team

Martin Nigsch
Martin Nigsch
Martin has experienced the challenges of dealing with data first hand in leading roles in multinational companies. He believes in the transformative power of data availability and is passionate about building a product that helps making better data-driven decisions.
Dmytro Shvetsov
Dmytro Shvetsov
Dmytro joined feld.ai by departing his former employment in the cryptocurrency industry. He is proud to be feld.ai employee #0000001.